Geography fun for all ages!
Expand your world knowledge with JigsawGeo, your one-stop app for mastering geography. This game challenges you to place the countries or states on the map in as little time as possible. Download JigsawGeo for free with the US 13 Original Colonies map, then try other maps for in-app purchase.
  1. More than 25 maps available for in-app purchase, including United States, Africa, and Europe.
  2. Six levels of difficulty, including country flags, capitals.
  3. Kid-friendly narration and online high-score lists.

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Win a Free Map

We give away a free map every month to one lucky winner. To enter our drawing, simply post your JigSawGeo score to Facebook or Twitter. You'll need to be signed into your account when you achieve a high score and the app will give you the option to post your high score. Be sure you have friended squishLogic in facebook or follow JigsawGeo in Twitter (so that we can see when you share a high score).

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What They're Saying

"Very impressed! JigsawGeo reflects differentiated learning needs of students and learning objectives of teachers." -Twitter's betaclassroom

"I think geography is important, but yours is the only app that my daughter likes. The rest are just dry facts and 'boooring.'" -Parent of happy customer

JigsawGeo Vault

Are you an educator?

Click here for free USA map and flashcards, and lesson plans with JigsawGeo that meet state geography standards for elementary grades.

Why JigsawGeo?

Click here for a complete list of JigsawGeo maps. The wide selection sets it apart!


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