JigsawGeo Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. The JigsawGeo developers have children themselves and understand how important it is to protect them. The following information describes what information we use within the app and why. We welcome your questions and suggestions for improvement. Just email us: JigsawGeo Support Email

High Scores Private Information

JigsawGeo stores several pieces of information on our server when you get a high score. This information is kept confidentially on our server database. Here is what we store:

High Scores Published Information

The JigsawGeo website publishes limited information on each high score. Here is what we display:

Social networks

When a high score is achieved, the player can post that score to Twitter or FaceBook. This is ony enabled if a Twitter or Facebook account has been enabled on the device (under general settings). The posting includes the score the player achieved and which map they were playing. It only includes location if they choose to include it within the standard Twitter or Facebook dialog.