JigsawGeo: Asia

appstore The Asia map for JigsawGeo challenges you to place 50 countries in the shortest amount of time. Works on iPhone and iPad. Multiple difficulty levels, brilliantly colored maps, and high scores posted on the squishLogic website.

JigsawGeo Asia Map
Free Printable Asia Map

Unlabeled map for quizzes or coloring (simple coloring, or use wikipedia data to do a heat map by population)
Labeled map for studying, coloring, or as an answer key
JigsawGeo Asia Map
Map with coordinate system
for practicing location finding
JigsawGeo Asia Map
Latitude Longitude Map

Map with latitude and longitude as well as a scale (both statute miles and kilometers) for advanced cartography and geography skills
JigsawGeo Asia Map
Asia Word Search

Find all the countries of Asia in this word search.
JigsawGeo Asia Map
Asia Flag Quiz
JigsawGeo Asia Colored Map
Geography of Asia Coloring Maps
JigsawGeo Asia Flashcards
Asia Flash Cards

Cut out and fold to make your own set of flashcards. The country outline is illustrated on one side, while the other side lists the name and capital of the country.